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What are credits for and how do I use them?

The credit system is designed to allow you to add even more likes to your uploads. This helps when you want to give a particular picture or video more attention.

To give your picture or video additional likes you must login to your dashboard, find the specified media and click the  button. Type the number off likes that you want to add and click "Go" and the credits will be sent. Each like you add will deduct 1 Credit from your account. 

Your account will come with a certain number of credits that we provide for you as a one-time free gift with purchase. Please note that these credits do not renew every month.

To purchase additional credits simply go to the billing info page found in settings and using the dropdown menu, choose your preferred credits package.

Keep in mind, you are not billed for spending Credits. You purchase them in bulk, and pay when you make the initial purchase. You can the distribute them amongst your pictures without additional charges.