Why am I not receiving my likes? | Automaticviral

Why am I not receiving my likes?

Whilst AutomaticViral users rarely experience issues with their posts, when they occasionally do there are a few likely causes:

  • Make sure your Instagram account is set to “Public”
  • Log into your AutomaticViral dashboard and check if your “Send likes” toggle is set to “ON.” Please note that automated likes must be turned “ON” before you post on Instagram. If you turn automated likes “ON” after you have already posted, our system will not detect the post. You can still send likes manually to any post by purchasing additional credits in your dashboard.
  • You have reached your daily or monthly post limit. To find out what your post limit is log into your dashboard and check your limit within the left toolbar. 

If you need additional assistance contact one of our customer success agents  [email protected]